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Giancarlo La Pietra
University of Milano Bicocca
Milan, Italy
Debomoy Lahiri, PhD
Associate Editor
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, United States
Areas of Interest:
acetylcholine, aging, Alzheimer's disease, cholineacetyltransferase
Richard Lachno, DPhil
Eli Lilly and Company
Windlesham, United Kingdom
Areas of Interest:
analysis, biomarkers, clinical trials, methods
Mitchell Lai, PhD
Associate Editor
National University of Singapore
Areas of Interest:
Alzheimer's disease, G-protein coupled receptors, Lewy body dementias, neurochemistry
Jan Laczó, M.D. Ph.D.
Associate Editor
Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine and Motol University Hospital; International Clinical Research Center, St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno
Prague, Czech Republic
Areas of Interest:
spatial navigation, Alzheimer's disease, aging
Mickael Laisney
Associate Editor
Normandie University
Blanca Laffon, PhD
Associate Editor
University of A Coruña
A Coruña, Spain
Areas of Interest:
neurodegenerative diseases, psychobiology, neurotoxicology
Madepalli Lakshmana, PhD
Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies
Port St. Lucie, United States
Areas of Interest:
Alzheimer's disease, amyloid-β, amyloid-β protein precursor, dendritic spines