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Stephanie Schultz
Washington University in St. Louis, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stefano Sensi, MD PhD
University of California Irvine/ University G. d'Annunzio Chieti-Pescara
Chieti, Italy
Areas of Interest:
excitotoxicity, preclinical models of dementia, zinc, biomarkers
Montse Alegret, PhD
Associate Editor
Fundació ACE, Institut Català de Neurociències Aplicades
Barcelona, Spain
Areas of Interest:
aging, Alzheimer's disease, cognition, disexecutive
Orly Lazarov
University of Illinois at Chicago
Keiichi Onoda, Ph.D.
Shimane University
Izumo, Japan
John Pippin, MD
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Dallas, United States
Areas of Interest:
Alzheimer disease, other dementias
German P. Villa, PhD
SAN ANTONIO, United States
Areas of Interest:
imaging, electron/confocal microscopy
Nancy Pachana
Associate Editor
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia
Areas of Interest:
animal assisted therapy, BPSD, driving and dementia, ethics